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Something you need to know about color marking. Color marking lreally depends on what laser module are you using, what type of metal do you have? There are a few key parameters that you need to take care of: Firstly, focusing. Color Laser Engraving is a marking process that uses MOPA fiber laser source to mark color on metal surface such as stainless steel, titanium, etc.

Mopa laser color

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MOPA laser marking machine can be used for metal marking for 8-10 years without any consumables. 5. MOPA laser engraving machine uses integrated air cooling. 6. With the MOPA laser you can mark with a greater contrast on plastics, in addition you can mark aluminum black or mark reproducible colors on steel. In addition, the MOPA fiber laser often offers the possibility of faster marking of reproducible high-quality markings, compared to conventional fiber lasers. Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine.

2. Color engraving   Mar 5, 2018 - MOPA fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for color engraving/marking on steel, stainless steel, iron, titanium and plastic.It can also mark  24 Tháng Chín 2019 Tiếp theo là khách hàng muốn biết công nghệ fiber mopa có thể khắc lên những vật liệu nào, và Khác nhau giữa fiber laser và fiber mopa.

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Advantages of MOPA laser For short pulses and lower pulse energy, the material is heated less and the area of the heat affected zone is reduced. MOPA Laser (z.B. FOBA Y.0201) sind optimal für die Beschriftung von natur und farbig eloxiertem Aluminium geeignet, um Schwarzmarkierungen zu erzeugen, ohne die Oberfläche zu beschädigen. Sie werden auch für kontrastreiche Markierungen diverser anderer Metalle (z.B.

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Mopa laser color


Mopa laser color

Please rest assured to wholesale mopa laser color marking logo in stock here from our factory. Mopa laser marking machine use Mopa technology, mostly use for marking color on Stainless steel, black and gray color on aluminium oxide,like iphone ipad, all kinds of plastic, MOPA Laser with big laser power also use for deep marking on metal product, In addition, Mopa adopt quality 20W 30W JPT M1 M6 M7 laser source and Galvo scanner head.
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This technology is not new but still is far away from the high speed of engraving that Fiber laser can reach. The color engraving with the actual MOPA laser isn't fast and this is something you should expect if you are looking for engrave thousand of metal pieces a day with colorful logos.

MOPA laser the truth about this technology, metal color engraving, what If you are using a common fiber laser marking engraving machine, you may find that it could do the laser marking work, but the marking color is a gray color, not black color.
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These color laser printers have high page capacities, quick print times, and can handle your heavy-duty printing needs. Surface Pro 7 deal! Save big at Amazon right Advertisement By: Tom Harris Initially, most commercial laser printers were limited to monochrome printing (black writing on white paper).

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Mopa fiber laser can mark colors, but not means it can do it on all metals. Now mopa laser can only mark color on stainless steel, no any other material. Same as normal fiber laser, mopa laser can do all same work, and it have more wide application. Mopa 20W color fiber laser marking machine is professional for both metal and non-metal material marking. Such as stainless steel, carbon steel,aluminum,copper, chrome, anodized aluminum,silicon wafer, etc. as well as lots of non metal materials, like ceramic, rubber, plastic, leather, cardboard, etc.