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Make sure the flow cytometer is in STANDBY mode. 2. Disconnect the air line (green) and fluid line (Blue) from the sheath container. 3. Depressurize the sheath container by pulling up on the vent valve. 4. Remove the sheath container lid.

Fortessa bd manual

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Instrument overview. The BD LSRFortessa is an air-cooled multi-laser benchtop flow cytometer with the ability   16 Feb 2016 Open the CST experiment template from the Flow Lab folder. Press the RUN and LOW buttons on the instrument. Click “Acquire Data” on the  Sample. Injection. Port (SIP).

Fortessa Cell Analyser full user guide BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for Fortessa. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for HTS Option . HTS Sampler Daily Operation Tutorial .

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Tailored to the special needs of research at the leading edge of biomedical discovery, the program offers a wide range of choices to help researchers create the ultimate customized instrument for their 2018-7-24 · Flow Cytometry Service BD LSR Fortessa SORP – How to Use Guide 5 4 Create a New Specimen (click the icon with a syringe). 5 Select Tube_001 (inside the syringe) by clicking in the green arrow. 6 Do 3 PRIMEs with the SIP 2 arm open and no tube installed.

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Fortessa bd manual

BD Fortessa X20 A Configuration and Fluorochromes Laser Diva Parameter Name Fluorochromes 488 nm Blue B 530/30 BB515, FITC, AF488, CFSE, GFP, TO-PRO-1 Fortessa behind right door above control panel) via the silicon tube to the sample needle and pull the syringe plunger. o Liquid appearing in the syringeindicates that you have loosened the clog. o Perform a prime and install a tube with FACSClean. If you are getting events continue washing with FACSClean First, BD has a DIVA software tutorial - you should have gotten a copy with the instrument. If not order it - it is part # 642213 for version 6.

Fortessa bd manual

The BD FACSVia flow cytometry system is an easy-to-use benchtop solution that helps meet the challenges of rising costs, decreasing reimbursement, labor-intensive manual procedures, fewer resources and higher demands for efficiency, so your laboratory runs smoothly and efficiently. > > > > We have a 2014 BD Fortessa SORP, and have recently seen dramatic and > persistent stability problems following use of the PRIME function. We > think we have found a solution to this problem, and are wondering if anyone > else has seen it.
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z BD LSRFortessa Cell Analyzer Site Preparation Guide: FORTESSA USER GUIDE COMPUTER SETUP: • Turn on computer before turning on the machine • Windows 10 Username: BDOperator • Password: BDIS#1 • Open Tera Term application on desktop and leave running in background • Log in to BD FACSDiva software MACHINE SETUP: • Turn on the machine if you are the first user of the day. There is no fluidics startup for the Fortessa. BD High Throughput Sampler User’s Guide For the BD LSRFortessa I. Introduction The BD High Throughput Sampler (HTS) is a high-speed sampling device used on the 5-Laser LSRFortessa located in Rm. 6006F of the RIA Division. The HTS provides users the ability to acquire samples from 96-well or 384-well plates for efficient analysis with Flow Cytometry Service BD LSR Fortessa SORP – How to Use Guide 5 4 Create a New Specimen (click the icon with a syringe).

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If machine is on, depressurize 2015-4-9 · BD FACSDiva 6.1.2 – Tutorial USUHS Flow Cytometry Core Facility . 2 Table of Contents 1.

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The BD LSRFortessa™ X-20 fits most flow cytometry analyzer needs, and can be ordered with up to 5 lasers-most commonly, blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV-which provides flexibility in laser wavelengths. This allows researchers to optimize assay design by selecting the latest fluorescent dyes and antibodies in experimental protocols.